We’d like to share a few of their stories with you

Parker Hannifin Corporation

(Baldwin Filters, Parker Racor, Parker HVAC Filtration, Hastings Premium Filters, United Air Specialists, Stanadyne) Parker Hannifin Corp. is a global filtration leader and the parent company of some of LD Filtration’s premium products in building air filtration and engine filtration. This company’s roots go back more than 100 years in Cleveland, Ohio.

Baldwin Filters

In 1936 J.A. Baldwin was one of the first to recognize the importance of improving mobile filtration. He designed a better lube filter and began production in Wisconsin before moving his plant in 1953 to Kearney, Nebraska, where it is headquartered today. With its classic Ferrari red filter housings (J.A. was friends with Enzo Ferrari), Baldwin Filters are a standard on engines around the world. Baldwin is now a division of Parker Engine Mobile Aftermarket Division.

Parker HVAC Filtration

The broad product offerings of Parker HVAC Filtration Division are a result of proprietary engineering combined with an impressive legacy of industry leading brands acquired by Parker through thoughtful procurement. These reputable brands include CLARCOR®, Airguard®, ATI™, Purolator®, and others which have strategically helped make Parker a trusted source for filtration solutions. For commercial, industrial, and institutional customers, Parker offers a complete line of clean room, High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and Ultra-Low Particulate Air (ULPA) standalone and pre-filters that remove microscopic particles and contaminants with efficiencies up to 99.999%. In addition to helping maintain a better environment for people, manufacturing processes and equipment, Parker filters are designed to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Donaldson Filtration Solutions

In 1915, a young Frank Donaldson Sr.—then a Bull Tractor Company salesman—visited a customer whose tractor kept breaking down in a dusty field. Frank hand-fashioned a simple air cleaner to protect the engine and invented the world’s first effective air cleaner for a tractor engine. The young salesman-turned-inventor introduced his air cleaner to the market, and Donaldson Company was born. Over 100 years later, Donaldson continues to innovate, using its own filtration technologies and processes to provide customers with the solutions they need. Donaldson customers are as varied as the industries they represent, and include aerospace, agriculture, construction, food and beverage, manufacturing and transportation fields. You cannot always see Donaldson products and technologies, but they are at work in hundreds of ways, from bulldozers to hearing aids, and from airplane cabins to grain processing facilities.